Fabiana Braga
22 years old

Dom Tomás Balduíno Encampment
Quedas do Iguaçu – PR

Fabiana Braga is one of those young people who enjoy life in the countryside and think about the common good. But she knows that “a more just, humane and egalitarian world” – one of her dreams – will not be built by one person.

But her participation in collective and popular struggles is costing her freedom: Fabiana has been imprisoned since November 2016 only because she is a member of a social movement.

The young woman participates in the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST), where she coordinates the Women’s Collective and participates in the Youth Collective of the Dom TomásBalduíno Camp in Quedas do Iguaçu, in the West of Paraná.

Fabiana knows that fighting for a fairer world is not easy. Just as you know that it is not easy to plant without having a piece of land to live on and cultivate. She spent part of her childhood in different MST camps, where she learned to work in agriculture.

She even tried to work in other areas, but her longing for the countryside spoke louder. At age 18, she left her mother’s house and went to live with a cousin in the city. Two years later, she decided to return to work in agriculture. Together with her husband Felipe, she moved to the Tomas Balduino Encampment, where they built a tent shack and worked collectively with the other families there.

Fabiana’s arrest is nothing more than an attempt to weaken the popular struggle. The young woman was arrested in the so-called Operation Castra, an action of the Civil Police of Paraná that wants to “castrate” the MST’s actions in the region. For years, the MST has demanded the fair distribution of land that was illegally seized by the Araupelcorporation.

Fabiana was preemptively arrested for being a woman – a woman of struggle.

Help demand the freedom of Fabiana and her comrades in the movement. Sign the petition in support here.

Claudelei Lima
39 years old

Settlement Celso Furtado
Quedas do Iguaçu – PR

Farmer, radio broadcaster and, more recently, councilor of the municipality of Quedas do Iguaçu, Claudelei Lima is a man who works for the collective. Resident of the Settlement Celso Furtado, he fought, for years, for the right to have a piece of land to plant. Still today, he demands the fair distribution of land to Brazilian families through activism in the Landless Workers Movement.

Married to Andreia and the father of two boys,13 and 11, he also works in family farming. In his plot in the settlement, he plants corn and raises cows for milk production. It is from the production of the land where formerly there was only the monoculture of eucalyptus that provides the support for Claudelei’s family and the feeding of other people.

The worker assisted in the process of creating the Celso Furtado Settlement, and still participates in the processes to make the local infrastructure feasible, such as housing, schools, basic health units and maintenance of rural roads. In the struggle to defend the rights of all people, he sees communication as an essential tool. He should soon be graduating with a degree in Journalism.

At the moment, he is also an announcer of Radio Libery FM 91.3, community broadcaster of the settlement. More recently, he has chosen to take the defense of human rights to the legislative sphere of the city where he lives. In 2015, he was elected councilor of Iguaçu Falls by more than 1 thousand votes – the most votes in the history of the municipality. But because of his political activities and struggle for land in the region, he has been the target of persecution. Since November 4, 2016, he has been held in preventive custody in Cascavel, accused of being part of a criminal organization.